strange items in self storage

Some Weird Things Found in Self Storage Facilities

When thinking about storage units, most people just imagine boxes of clothes, paperwork, furniture, unused toys, electronics, and any other household items. However, it appears that there are more items hidden behind those doors that many people would think.

The world of self-storage appears to have its secrets and it has been a very fascinating subject among many households.

From the wonderful to the weird, here are a number of the strangest items you would find in storage units:



It is not uncommon to find ammunition and guns in storage in the U.S. However, people from nations with strict regulations on guns would be surprised to find ammunition and guns sitting in a storage space.

Finding a grenade in storage would require a bomb squad to be deployed immediately to successful detonate it or take it away without anyone getting hurt.


strange items in self storage



There are people who sail around the seas of the world and cross abandoned places searching for treasure. If such people found some good amount of treasure, chances are the first place they would think of storing it is in a storage space to save them from too much trouble.

If you attend storage auctions, don’t be surprised to find treasure such as silver, gold, trophies, ornaments, paintings, and other such items. Finding treasure in an auction would be comparable to hitting a jackpot. Selling them off would make a huge profit.


Unreleased Music Records

Holloway Storage Sydney ( explains how if an individual who rented a storage facility fails to pay rent as per the agreed time, it can be reclaimed by the storage provider for auctioning.

Don’t be surprised to buy the items in an auction only to find some unreleased music records of famous musicians or even unknown artists. Nobody might have claimed rights to the music and they ended up in storage.


Samurai Swords

You might buy a self storage container only to find Samurai swords among other items inside. It would be surprising and at the same time exciting to find such a sword since they faded away in earlier years.

They were famous among Japanese warriors, and finding such a sword would be great news as you can choose to keep it or sell it at a very good price.


Coffins and Urns

A coffin descending into the ground is usually a sign of finality. However, there are people who are weird enough to come up with odd and extreme ways of ensuring their beloved ones stay close forever.

One of the strangest things you would find in a storage facility is a coffin and shocking enough is finding a body in it. There are also people who keep urns of the remains of their loved ones in these units.

Even though storing some of these items in a self storage facility is bizarre, it shows that storage units are used to store all sorts of items that you would never think of. Hence, don’t be surprised finding such weird items in an auctioned unit.