couple calculating the costs of removalists

Tips on Estimating the Cost of Hiring Removalists

One of the initial things to do when planning a move is trying to estimate its cost. If you have an idea about the number of items you want to move, the distance to move, the costs of transportation depending on estimates from removalist company aggregators, and the moving supplies needed, then you can be in a better chance to estimate the overall cost of moving.



The Distance to Move

What is the distance between your new address and the current one? Knowing the distance you will move is crucial especially when moving within a city since local movers charge on an hourly rate.

The longer it takes to move your items, the more it will cost you. You can estimate the distance using Google Maps. It will show you with the distance and average time you will take to drive from one location to another.


couple calculating the costs of removalists


The Items You Have

The number of items you are moving is a crucial factor when trying to estimate the cost of moving.

This is crucial when you are moving across cities, states, or the country since long distance movers will use a cost calculation formula that considers the weight of your items and the space they will take up in cubic feet.

Hence, the more items you have, the more expensive it will be to move them. The cost can be minimized by cramming as many items as possible in a little.


Moving Supplies

Moving supplies such as tapes, markers, packing boxes, and labels can have a significant effect on the overall moving costs. You should come up with a detailed list of all the items you require and their cost estimates.

Even if you may get these supplies cheaply or for free, you should remember that they can still add your moving cost as they increase the volume and weight of your items. Hence, consider this fact when estimating your overall moving cost.


Costs for Transportation

Costs for transportation make up most of the moving costs no matter the distance you are moving. Most short distance moving companies charge a minimum rate for each hour, such that even if it will take you just three-quarters of an hour to move, you will still pay for the whole hour.

Long distance removalists may have different rates depending on the distance. You can get quotes from different movers to compare the costs when making estimates.

Jordan Briggs, a removalist from Kings Cross reveals that most removalists have their own formulas for coming up with the cost of moving. In most cases, they may not share their formula with you, but you shouldn’t worry. You can easily get a moving cost estimate using an online moving cost calculator.

All you would have to do is entering the number of the rooms in your house, and the zip code of both the old and new addresses. Such a calculator will show you an estimate without hidden costs, and it will assist you when comparing quotes from different movers.