Choosing the right car audio for your car stereo system is one of the most important decisions you can make. All of your sound will be traveling through your amplifier so you want to make sure you have a good quality amp that can play as loud as you want it to. It’s important to know that your amplifier takes the signal from your head unit and makes it loud enough to be able to power your speakers.

Buyer’s guide

If you have many different speakers, like a couple of subwoofers and a few full range speakers and maybe some tweeters you general get the best sound from using a multi-channel amplifier or different amplifiers that are dedicated to each type of speakers. Car audio pros usually use a dedicated amplifier for just their subwoofers because an amplifier will usually do a better job reproducing a specific range of frequencies, bass for example. There are lots of choices when choosing an amplifier, so let’s go over a few of the most important things.

RMS Power

This is referred to as the “real power rating” on amplifiers. Many companies list peak watts or max watts but the RMS power is what we are really looking for. The power output of an amplifier should be close to the speakers it will be driving. It’s important that you don’t drastically over power your speakers or even under power them, as it can cause blown speakers or terrible sound quality.

Built-in Crossovers

This feature tells you that the amp can amplify a specific range of sound. It also prevents you from needing to buy a separate crossover system

Pre-amp Outputs

These are great if you want to run several amps together to run a bunch of speakers.

These are a few of the most important things when deciding what amplifier to choose. However, we still recommend you talk it over with a car audio store professional before laying down your hard earned money. A pro will be able to guide you based on your exact needs and recommend the best car audio amplifier for your needs.

If you have only basic knowledge on car audio systems, then it can be quite easy to make a mistake. With so many options out there for car audio systems and bad advice, you can easily end up purchasing a product that actually contracts from sound quality, rather than improves it. Follow a few tips and you should be able to avoid the big ‘no, no’s’ of the car audio world.

What to Avoid When you are improving Your Car Audio System

Don’t Buy Cheap Equipment

You’ve spent most of your budget on the car audio system of your dreams, now you need the wiring kit to go with it. But don’t go ‘cheapo’ on the wiring kit or any other accessories as these are still important component s and must be of a good standard. If you have amp, you have to make sure that you have the right-sized power wire, which can handle the correct load. This is particularly important with lower loads, such as 1 or 2 ohms, as they require more power.

Capacitors May Not Improve Sound

Many a car audio user has fitted a capacitor in their system to power their amplifier, which is simply too power hungry for their car to handle. A power hungry amplifier usually quickly depletes the batteries energy, which in turn means there is less energy left for the rest of the car. It is often the reason for dimmed headlights. With this problem in mind, the capacitor has been used to store energy and keep the flow more balanced. However, this does not mean it will improve the quality of sound from your car audio system – but it will stop your lights from dimming.

Avoid Using Settings on More than One Piece of Audio Equipment

Avoid the big ‘no no’s’ of the car audio world and you should be able to improve your system properly. Of course, to fully improve your stereo’s sound quality you will need to invest in a quality system and accessories.  For example, make sure you invest in high performance car amplifiers.

In choosing the best car audio electronics, you must take into consideration the size of the speakers, amplifiers or subwoofers. You will also have to bear in mind the place in your car where you will be installing them. You should find an authority in selecting the best one for your car and the perhaps the best place is the car manufacturers currently in the market. Professionals can guide you in choosing your car audio electronics. It is best to engage in a conversation with them and give them your list of queries regarding what type of product would best suit your car alongside the kind of product that you desire and is affordable for you. There are a lot of things that you can do to minimize expenses and still get the best car audio electronics system.

That is why in order for you to enjoy a stereo system with excellent quality, you have to spend some time in looking for the best car audio electronics and this starts with some research on the internet or catalogues. This might not enhance the performance of your car but could be advantageous for you in the near future – if you want to sell your vehicle later!